Naturamore’s New Campaign Features Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan -‘Andar Se Fit’


Netsurf Network had joined hands with the star couple of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan as brand ambassadors for its health and wellness brand-‘Naturamore’.

The company had decided to release its first-ever marketing campaign for Naturamore featuring both the stars. The campaign would be promoted across the digital and traditional channels. The campaign is launched with the theme “Aandar Se Fit” intends to locate Naturamore as a perfect mixture of Nature and Science which will help us to complete the nutritional needs of our body and in turn, makes us fit from inside.

Sujit Jain (Chairman and Managing Director of Netsurf Network) says that the company observed that most of the Indians face health issues (associated with vitamins and micronutrient deficiencies, calorie-rich yet protein-deficient diets, and an imbalanced diet), with the changing lifestyle. Right Nutrition is always the key-point in building the right fitness and improving health.

He further added that the brand can see that more people are following a great fitness regime, but it is incomplete without the right nutrition. Naturamore’s brand campaign talks about, “How Naturamore can make you fit from Inside” -‘Andar Se Fit’.

He explains about the flagship brand and promises that the campaign will surely help to raise awareness about Naturamore which would encourage the direct sellers to approach the targeted consumers.

Naturamore finds the chemistry and the stature of Saif and Kareena perfectly fitting (a perfect example of today’s working family) with the core values that the brand stands for. They have a busy lifestyle, yet they are conscious about their health.

Saif Ali Khan (brand ambassador) said expresses his excitement to associate with Naturamore, a brand that stands for balanced nutrition- the need for today’s lifestyle. He tells how he loved the holistic concept of #andarsefit. He always felt that being fit is more about your health and wellness from the inside and Naturamore stands for the same philosophy.

Kareen Kapoor Khan (brand ambassador) being a working mom and a homemaker, suggest that we must observe the nutritional intake closely is the best thing we can do to stay fit. She follows a good fitness regime, but the right nutrition had always been the key to her health and wellness. Since everyone is busy with their life, it is difficult to always eat right and Naturamore helps all to fill the gap.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay (Chairman and CCO, 82.5 Communications) commented that for complete fitness a person needs to be fit from within. That’s the promise of the Naturamore range of herbal nutraceuticals—a promise that is endorsed by Saifeena in the brand’s new campaign conceptualized by  82.5 Communications.


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