1World Online: Online Marketing through Crowd Contribution- Case Study


1World Online is an award-winning software platform for Interactive Marketing Campaign that combines advertising and research with highly efficient marketing tools. Being a data analytics company, it is used by thousands of sites and millions of people interact and engage through content Polls, Quizzes, Debates, Trivia, Insights, and interactive maps, and offers embedded advertising, and commercial data collection.

The users hate irrelevant online ads as it hinders the browsing experience and it encourages the users to download the adblockers. This gradually leads advertising to experience record low ROI and losing faith in digital advertising. It is in this phase 1World Online acquires its relevance as they come up with a solution by way of native advertising that engages users. They provide custom content for publishers and advertisers and the users are presented with targeted display ads as they engage with the custom content.

When the users browse their website and consume content, a targeted poll appears. The user gets rewarded once he/she submits the responses and can redeem loyalty points for cryptocurrency tokens or actual goods. All these contributing to growing brand loyalty and accelerated revenue generation.

Their own media coins or tokens serve multiple purposes where the first and foremost outcome is that they have increased engagement as they give incentives to audiences. The people got something which they didn’t have before while they spend a lot of time online to vote, share and contribute to the content. In a context where a lot of advertisements going on but nothing actually sharing with the people, One World Media tokens solving this problem by giving part of the revenue as incentives to the audiences. The users’ contributions in the form of creating polls and interactive content make them an active part of the marketplace for which the users are compensated with crypto or Amazon Moments.

1 WO tokens are used for transactions that the advertisers use to purchase advertising space on websites deployed with 1World widgets. Once enough points are earned by the users engaging with 1World widgets, they can be used to redeem 1 WO tokens.

As of 2019, they have got a revenue of $2.4M, 3000 registered publishers and advertisers globally, 15 million user engagements with 1World widgets, 64 million votes placed using 1World widgets, and 27K wallets created that hold 1WO tokens. They are working with publishers of websites and advertisers of well-known brands around the world. The customers are experiencing a 60% increase in reader loyalty and a 22% increase in engagement with content on sites. Also, there is an increase in the average time spent on the site.

1World Online is emerging as a profitable startup with product-market fit where users are participating and earning points, publishers are making use of this to create engaging polls and advertisers by experiencing 10x conversion rates.


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