4 sustainable agriculture companies to watch out in 2024

4 sustainable agriculture companies to watch out in 2024
4 sustainable agriculture companies to watch out in 2024

Promoting sustainable agriculture is critical to addressing environmental challenges, encouraging sustainable production and ensuring sustainable food security there forever. Sustainable agriculture focuses on reducing negative environmental impacts, including strategies such as reducing the use of chemicals, water management, and nature enhancing biodiversity The adoption of sustainable practices enables businesses to increase soil health, conserve water resources and balance ecosystems, and contribute to climate change In addition to opposition, these strategies often require community involvement, Prioritize sound business practices and social responsibility, and promote an agricultural approach that supports the environment and human well-being.

Here we are taking a look at 4 Agritechs that are promoting sustainability to transform the field of agriculture.


Unnati, conceptualized and co-founded by Mr Amit Sinha & Mr Ashok Prasad, is digital agri supply chain company that aims to minimize the risks in farming and ensure much-needed transparency in the farming business. Unnati’s founders recognized the difficulties farmers experience as a result of farming’s lack of predictability and regular access to production inputs and information. Unnati aims to focus on sustainable and climate-ready products.


Aquaconnect is a full-stack aquaculture platform with embedded fintech that uses Satellite remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence to enable aquaculture farmers, retailers, and seafood buyers to increase access to farm inputs and post-harvest market linkage. Their unique tech solutions supercharge the entire aquaculture value chain and help build predictability and transparency into the value chain thereby making it efficient. Aquaconnect leverages AI and satellite remote sensing to build a climate tech platform to drive decarbonization in the seafood value chain.

StarAgri –

StarAgri, one of Asia’s leading integrated post-harvest management services company. They offer solutions in warehousing, procurement and collateral management of agri commodities. They firmly believe that when it comes to agriculture, farmers are the true experts. To enhance yields, reduce post-harvest losses, increase incomes, and ensure food security, it’s crucial to empower farmers. Star Agri is dedicated to fostering a greener planet through sustainable agri-business practices. Their approach includes a strong focus on environmental stewardship, where they actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and assess our environmental impact. Moreover, they actively build strategic partnerships involving multiple stakeholders to embrace sustainable practices across the agricultural value chain. To further minimize waste and enhance operational efficiency, they employ innovative solutions that leverage modern technology, both pre-harvest and post-harvest, contributing to a more sustainable and resource-efficient agricultural sector.


AgNext Technologies is a prominent agri-tech enterprise in India and among the fastest-growing agri-tech companies. AgNext aims to bring cutting-edge technology to agriculture to enable data-driven decision making and improve the efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural value chain. They have multiple applications including crop quality assessment, food safety and traceability, supply chain management, and predictive analytics. AgNext’s solutions accurately analyze the nutritional content, maturity, and contaminants in crops, enabling informed decisions. Their traceability solutions help ensure food safety and meet regulatory requirements, while their predictive analytics solutions provide data-driven forecasts for optimizing crop management practices.