50% of urban Indians say allow asylum seekers to work


If asylum seekers were allowed to work in the nation without first filing a claim for asylum, fifty per cent of urban Indians believe this would encourage more asylum seekers to relocate to India. In addition, 58 percent of those who were questioned said that providing asylum seekers with the option to work would make it easier for them to integrate into society.

They were able to blend with the local population in India since they spoke the same language as the locals, and even the citizens of the border towns had a special connection to them. In the past, India saw a massive influx of refugees from the cities that border the country’s borders.

As a direct consequence of this, India has never been forced to face the difficulty of combining education with the teaching of the national language.

According to a worldwide survey conducted by Ipsos in 28 different markets, the majority of people all over the world (78 percent) and urban Indians (70 percent) are in favour of providing sanctuary to individuals who have been displaced due to violence and persecution. The countries with the highest percentages of migrants who felt welcome were Sweden (88 percent), Brazil (86 percent), Poland (85 percent), and Spain (85 per cent) (85 percent). Turkey (76 percent) and Malaysia (64 percent) were the two nations with the most unfavourable attitudes toward migrants and high support for completely closing their borders to refugees (68 percent). India came in third place overall in the standings.

There is a divide in the views held by urban Indians. More than half of those questioned feel that the government ought to increase the amount of money it spends on refugees, while less than a third of those asked believe that the government ought to reduce the amount of money it spends on refugees. Twenty-six percent (26%) of the urban Indians who were asked said that they had donated money to the refugees’ cause in the previous year, and the same percentage said that they had written remarks in support of the refugees on social media.

What is the possible justification there for generosity? For 43% of respondents, the crisis in Ukraine was a contributing cause; for 56% of respondents, it was their first time experiencing anything like this; and for 13% of respondents, it is a recurring event. According to the findings of the study, around three out of every four urban Indians backed the idea of shutting down the country’s borders to refugees (62 percent).

According to Adarkar, an increased number of refugees has historically placed additional pressure on India’s limited resources.

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