Recognizing the power of blending content with commerce


Due to the advent of the creative economy and the availability of options, the consumer environment has transformed, and consumer behavior has shifted. Furthermore, the rise of OTT, TikTok, and other social platforms, as well as the diffusion of digital across markets, has changed how people spend their time and receive information. As a result, in addition to traditional advertising, there is a need to communicate with consumers across different touchpoints. The marketing mix as we know it is rapidly evolving, and organizations are increasingly turning to digital methods to help them engage with their customers, hastening the shift toward content-enabled commerce. 

Brands throughout the world have begun to grasp the value of combining content and commerce, which has resulted in increased brand engagement and affinity. Depending on how brands and platforms want to interact with their customers, they take different ways. Others focus on inspirational content, while others curate instructive stuff. Activating an influencer squad to create interesting content to improve user engagement, editorial-styled shoppable content, digital magazines, shoppable video formats, and so on are all common techniques. Brands that can create meaningful connections across several touchpoints in the consumer’s journey will be able to establish a strong relationship with them. 

Creating shoppable editorial content on our app, where customers can read, learn, and be inspired, and the shop is one of our efforts. For luxury items and categories, buying recommendations and trends are selected to inspire and help buyers in their decision-making process. In addition, we have launched our in-house digital magazine with shoppable covers and developed shoppable content on our social media channels. We also collaborate with important thought leaders in relevant industries to develop interesting content and spread our brand ethos across platforms, which helps to increase audience engagement and brand outreach. 

Our IPs are our most important content commerce endeavor, allowing us to showcase our luxury thought leadership through content developed in conjunction with the industry’s most powerful personalities. Shoppable stores help to spread the word about the content that has been generated. The Luxe Life, which debuted in 2021, is one such IP that gives consumers a new perspective on luxury. The Luxe Life, which held its second edition in March 2022, was a one-of-a-kind virtual film and shopping festival. It included interesting video content that looked at the evolution of fashion, new movements in art and design, and fashion films that documented and celebrated the personal style of South Asians in New York, Paris, and London. Shoppable stores chosen by Tata CLiQ Luxury’s editors and colleagues were also featured at the festival. Consumers were encouraged to #OwnTheNew, allowing them to be inspired and approach each purchase with purpose and intention.  

Furthermore, The Watch Society, a phygital society dedicated to providing tailored experiences to watch enthusiasts, allows for content, interactions, and commerce. Through fascinating storytelling, we generated material in the form of a video series with prominent watch experts in the industry to build a respect for quality, workmanship, and tradition. 

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