NittyGritti – Startup by former Amazon marketer and ex-WPP enables e-commerce catalog content


After all the technology, design, advertising, insights, partnerships, and discounts, the moment of truth is revealed on the e-commerce website on the product page. This website is a combination of text and images, acts as a virtual seller for informing customers, and helps in influencing purchasing decisions.

The number of products sold on e-commerce giant Amazon alone is in the hundreds of millions. Because each product has a page, the amount of content on this page is inaccessible. To take advantage of every possible opportunity, each page must contain the right mix, appropriate to provide distinct details.

Two industry veterans, Anand Siva and Nikita Bhargav saw an opportunity here and are currently building NittyGritti, a giant technology solution to content problems. And as the name implies NittyGritti means has to work out the details.NittyGritti Texmatix’s newly developed technology tool examines the content of the e-commerce catalog for speed and coverage.

Siva spent 20 years in advertising before entering the world of data and analytics in 2009. His most recent advertising assignment was as head of Saatchi & Saatchi Mumbai. He then moved to research and business analysis firms such as Hansa Cequity, Gain Theory, and Kantar.

Bhargav, on the other hand, is one of the earliest Amazon employees in India. In addition to the last decade she’s spent in the country’s fast-growing e-commerce industry, the last half of her career has been in an advertising agency. She entered the world of e-commerce in 2011 when top e-commerce players like Flipkart and Myntra were just coming to life.

Although Bhargav has a deep understanding of branding issues related to e-commerce, Siva’s strength is in providing data/analytics-based solutions to business problems.

They both realized they needed a quantitative explanation to impress brands. Telling brand managers that their product page content is right won’t be apt with subjective ideas. As a result, they need to use something tangible and measurable, which explains why their content isn’t working.
E-commerce requires speed and scope in implementing initiatives. Brands know the problem, but they don’t know how to do it at scale and high speed. After understanding volume and realizing that changes need to be made at a granular level. Once the platform can assess the quality and determine if a brand is doing the right thing, the next step is to make adjustments and keep things right.

However, it is generally accepted that e-commerce is heavily supported by promotions and discounts, along with promises of variety and on-time delivery. The rate of purchase can be faster with discounts, but customers should still learn about it. Discounts and sales are fine, but brands need to constantly convey the message of why it’s a good choice.

NittyGritti plans to expand into many other areas and platforms. The main requirement of the brand is to check out its D2C e-commerce website. And over the year, NittyGritti will be developed as the industry standard for benchmarking online catalogs and e-commerce content.

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