The new way of advertising fraud detection: AI of Com Olho


Com Olho has got a patent for fraud advertising detection. The artificial intelligence and data science startup, Com Olho is a team of exceptionally talented people and they create technology to help enterprises mitigate the risks arising from different kind of digital frauds.

Digital advertising is a very common and integral part of every multinational company’s marketing strategy, this leads rising of digital advertising frauds. From the total cost of digital advertising, a minimum of 15% of the advertising cost is lost due to advertising fraud. This fuels the swelling of misinformation, and fake news.

According to the technical perspective, online advertising fraud has been comparably easy business for fraudsters and it acts as a financial loss for advertisers, publishers, and online ad platforms. Digital advertisement business was built on a number of Internet Open Standard technologies which never meant to be fraud or scam

The cloud-based machine learning platform uses AI and non-rule based methods to detect data attribution manipulation. An AI-powered fraud detection system follows a machine learning algorithm with a rule-based approach at the core point. Using this machine learning algorithm, the system grasps from suspicious activities and builds various layers of protection. This forms the core basis of a majority of performance marketing players today. Com Olho claims, helps in the spotting of programmatic manipulation of attribution data and saves unproductive marketing spends. “Today, Software engineers are hired on the high-salary package to create malicious apps, domain, and technology to evade from fraud while they are kept unaware of how this technology would fuel ad fraud, transactional fraud, and data theft. This results in bringing in financial surplus for firms. We must teach our engineers about ethical technology and empower them to report such cases to the government to protect our citizens from the prosper record of digital malpractices” said Abhinav Bangia, founder and chief technology officer of Com Olho.


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