“Breaking News” of Nutralite: The new Digital Campaign


Carrying on with a solid life is essential in the metropolitan world. Procuring the necessary measure of supplements consistently is extreme for the normal individual in this high-speed society. A subsequent leeway in wellness has made numerous Indians turn towards more advantageous nourishments. Nutralite is pursuing this precise thought. It has been at the bleeding edge since 2006 to give India a sound yet-scrumptious experience through its tablespread range. With a sizeable presence across India, Nutralite has advanced into a few kitchens, adjusting wellbeing and taste for families.

A digital campaign has been released by Nutralite that aims to strike a perfect balance between health and taste. This campaign was ignited by the insights grabbed during the pandemic lockdown. The insights were about immunity and health. Home chef numbers have increased in this lockdown period.

The campaign is named “Breaking News”. The concept of this campaign is about the Choco spread that becomes a usual trending news format a creative spin. It is conceptualized as a piece of breaking news about the product Choco spread in a new style.

 The uniqueness of the advertisement is the regular reporters were replaced by the kids who are the actual consumers. These kids enact as a news anchor delivering hot news that arrived directly from the ‘Choco world’. It also spreads the message that mothers can be now happy as the Nutralite is now healthier. With its unique variants, the breaking news videos were backed by fun social content.


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