Digital becomes the bridge between brand and consumer


This pandemic has changed the aspect of the business to a different level. Everything became online, right from viewing products in the showroom, booking, payment, and review. The norms of people have changed and their mentality of shopping have differed. Communication of business have entirely evolved and is differentiated as pre-COVID-19 and post COVID-19. The changes are too big for them to leave the business and hence they adapted to the new normal. 

The mindset of the consumer has changed forever. This effect doesn’t only continue in the pandemic but will remain forever. The relationship between the brand and the consumer also changed. Having these many changes in the world, did the marketing fundamental also changed?

The main reason why advertisements and marketing still exist is because of the gap between the brand and the consumer. How much ever the world has advanced, total eradication of the gap between the brand and the consumer will not happen. This gap is ubiquity. 

How digital deals to maintain this gap between the consumer and the brand?

Customer: Customers experienced the comfort of shopping online and virtual. This made sure they purchase what they want, anytime and anywhere. It provides an openness to the customers that make the brand dear to them.

 Convenience: Brands have made their communication with the customers easier. Personalized communication and tremendous time spent on digital platforms pay a convenient way for both consumer and the brand. 

 Communication: The participation and response of the brand to the customer query has become easy and efficient. Everything can be done via the digital platform. This solves the gap more effectively. Digital pave ways for the connection and differentiation of cultures.  

 Credibility: Credibility is easy to lose and tough to gain. Through digital, they can promote their product through different mediums like influencers, sponsorship, short-term honest communication. These will bring a belief in the product to the minds of the customer. 

Connection: Online events help the brand to stay connected with customers. This opportunity is well utilized by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Digital events are also a unique experience and have their own merit. 


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