Facebook – New Options to Safeguard Data Privacy


In the light of various research on data protection and security, Facebook makes sure that they will provide new options in 2021 to safeguard and protect their information to the users. These new options include hardware security tokens & expanding its Facebook Protect Program to more accounts. Facebook’s head of security policy Mr. Nathaniel Gleicher, confirms that the social network plans to introduce mobile support for hardware security tokens for users in 2021. Currently, the security keys are advised for high-profile accounts such as the US politicians, party officials, government agencies & election staff but from next year onwards, these will be available for any account holder. According to the report, it states that users will be able to buy the tokens from various retailers online and in-person and will be able to register them with Facebook.

The company will likewise grow its Facebook Protect security program to more types of accounts next year, like celebrities, human rights defenders, journalists, and users in countries with upcoming major elections. In the case of high-profile accounts, Gleicher said that these users should use both Facebook Protect and security keys. He mentioned that bad actors are trying to target social media assets of prominent voices. He also said that just because you’re not a CEO or a political candidate doesn’t mean you’re not a target and a prominent person in your field.

Facebook Protect comes up with real-time monitoring & two-factor authentication for potential hacking threats. Facebook made a statement that it will also expand its public reporting of security threats. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a new investigation this month of 9 social media & video streaming companies, including Facebook about their data collection practices i.e., how they present personal information, collect the data, use it, their user engagement practices, their way of advertising, and how their practices affect children and teens. The new investigation proceeded closely following the US FTC and 48 state attorneys general attacking two acquisitions that Facebook made through Instagram & WhatsApp in 2012 & 2014 respectively.     


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