Thoughtful is Beautiful: New Brand Campaign by Hindware


With its latest ‘Thoughtful is Beautiful’ marketing campaign, the leading bathware brand, Hindware, has kickstarted the New Year. The latest campaign is the first-of-its-kind in the genre, which seeks to demonstrate how real beauty lies in creative performance-led product strategies that deliver customer convenience. The movie ‘Thoughtful is Beautiful’ stands apart in a series of ads concentrating only on ‘beautiful bathrooms’. Conceptualized by MagicCircle Communications, the films redefine the convention of the genre, considering attractiveness as table stakes while beginning a dialogue that increases the underlying power of inventions by technologies of the company.

The advertisements, directed by Karan Shetty and produced by Fingerprint Films, are based on a millennial couple’s playful and relatable one-upmanship. Unknowingly, the husband’s sister becomes part of the ‘Thoughtful VS Beautiful’ argument about the bathroom in the launch video, and it becomes clear that the decision is not an easy one to make. In the shorter follow-up films, the adorable and disarming banter of the pair begins, where the product characteristics and the ‘Thoughtful VS Stunning’ argument take center stage again. Brand Hindware has conducted an extensive analysis using conventional and modern-age methods to understand the ‘white room’ on the market and this creative new positioning needs to be accomplished by customers.

The company is continually working to offer goods and solutions that ease the life of the customer, and the ‘Thoughtful is Beautiful’ initiative reflects the same feeling that the brand aims to provide customers with functionally-led high value and thoughtful products. Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Operating Officer, Bath Goods, Brilloca Limited, said that today, as a relevant and trusted brand, Hindware has carved a niche for itself, as it has over the years proven its dynamic ability to evolve with changing aesthetics. It knows its customers and, in return, its customers trust Hindware to deliver India’s finest bathware goods. In fact, the growing quantity of customer data is radically transforming how brands work. Pokhriyal also said that this is particularly true of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the already complicated road to buy has further changed, setting the stage for long-term shifts in customer behavior that they need to be prepared to handle. In their positioning path, this is articulated and it drives their business decisions.

Charu Malhotra who is the VP & the Marketing Head of Bath Products, Brilloca Ltd, said that Hindware is a common brand, and has been at the forefront of industry-first technologies and designs. The current goal of the campaign is not only to improve the position but also to redefine the discussion of the genre, which is only about esthetics and aesthetics. He also said that since the brand claims the user of the modern century is not only searching for elegant options for the toilet, but also for features that make their lives simpler. This is what contributed to the ‘Thoughtful is Beautiful’ marketing concept.

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