Garnier develops social plans to promote hair colorists at home during a pandemic


The social campaign change of Garnier illustrates how certain companies looked to reach clients where they were changed and enhanced lifestyles as the pandemic, with ads implementing methods that are sure to continue to be beneficial as the pandemic continues and consumers sit at home. It was particularly important for the L’Oréal brand to meet evolving market needs, which soon realized it needed a way to tap into higher usage of at-home hair color products as some buyers skipped salons due to worries about COVID-19.

“With so many people turning to at-home hair color during the shutdown, we wanted to ensure they had somewhere to turn for help,” stated Greg Hui, senior vice president of marketing for Garnier USA. “We want to continue to be a resource and provide info wherever someone may be searching for it.”

Garnier’s recent social content and influencer collaborations reflect the rise in mobile hours spent by homebound customers. Similarly, when the pandemic curtailed in-person operations, the introduction of a live stream series on Instagram and YouTube lines up with the numerous efforts from marketers across genres to produce engaging and informative content.

Garnier enlisted influencers, marketing experts, and executives to develop how-to, live Q&A sessions, and other viral content to guide people dying at home with their hair. To associate customers with Garnier’s celebrity colorists, the company launched a live stream sequence, Hair Color Hotline, and the Consult with a Garnier Color Pro program on Instagram and YouTube.

In reaction to pandemic-spurred practices, the change in Garnier’s social policy parallels other attempts by parent company L’Oréal to target individuals during the pandemic over digital networks. In November, in the form of augmented reality (AR) filters available on Instagram, Snapchat, Snap Camera, and Google Pair, L’Oréal Paris launched the first line of virtual make-up for social media. Garnier previously rolled out simulated hair coloring try-on using AR and AI in 2019.

The brand has also expanded its focus on online color instruments such as the Interactive Shade Selector operated by AI. Garnier saw a 9.4 percent rise in hair color revenue in 2020 compared to 2019, as a result of the increased demand for at-home coloring and its social programs.

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