Marketing Trends adapted by the world during pandemic


COVID-19 has a wide impact all around the world. It has brought in several changes in the lives of people. We are forced to do almost every work through online and the digital platform has advanced a lot, from digital classes, shopping, virtually attending a function to several other changes. Marketing is not an exception. Digital marketing has increased and is rapidly growing even more. Digital is almost infused into every individual’s life. Usage of digital has now become a part of our daily life due to its low cost, convenience and improved access.  There are various trends emerging in marketing, especially during the pandemic. Some of the main trends are as follows:

Individualized –The mainstreaming of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will now end in the deployment of robots, with natural language processing skills, to perform these tasks very effectively. Rapid advances and affordable technology are now enabling custom products through mass customization by incorporating individual preferences into the planning and assembly of products ranging from toys to furniture

Integrated – Integration of customer facing roles of selling, sales and repair with internal functions like operations, finance and human resources will still be important to supply a seamless omnichannel experience to customers. The growing trend to integrate experiences, expertise and feedback from the vocal user community will magnify thanks to digital tools which will rapidly tap data for automated decisioning.

Interactive Marketers will quickly substitute direct and physical interactions with digital ones as they devise new ways to attach, engage and bond with customers. Experiential marketing, involving interactive and immersive elements, are going to be an important a part of marketing strategy to interact with customers throughout their journey with the brand from pre-purchase, purchase, use and post purchase stages.

These trends will have profound implications for marketers as they compete to draw in and retain customers worried about health, safety, well-being alongside social and environmental concerns. The planet is going to be the hallmark of purpose driven businesses within the new decade by balancing profits with people.

These are the personal opinion of a professor at IIM, Bangalore.


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