LG to Unveil QNED TVs with Mini LED technology


LG has officially announced that it will display the new generation of its TVs called QNED at the Consumer Electronics Show that will be held virtually in 2021. This range makes use of the Mini LED technology, which is regarded as the next big thing in the display industry. It is basically a new technology that utilizes tiny LED lights that permits better brightness control.  Unlike the traditional LED technology, Mini LED Technology allows for better contrast levels and less intense halo effects on the screen. LG has explained that QNED fuses the mini-LED backlighting, Nano Cell technology, and its quantum dot technology into one.

Mini LED technology is a bit better compared to most LCD screens today which uses the full-array local dimming technology wherein, the LEDs are controlled according to their zones to cause brightness, contrast, and black levels to change. According to LG, they have claimed that it’s premium 8K and 4K televisions will use the Mini LED technology and their new backlighting system contains over 30,000 tiny LED elements that can generate a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 along with 2,500 local dimming zones. These tiny LEDs will also produce peak brightness. This means the panels will be able to produce better dimming levels, improved color accuracy, black levels, and enhanced HDR. Just as their previous premium TV Models, all these televisions will also support up to a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

LG has stated that the maximum size of the QNED TV series will be available in 86 inches. LG will also launch the OLED TV panels because they believe that this is where you can get the best picture quality. People who go to the premium range still prefer OLED panels despite the advancements in technologies because of their entirely different backlighting mechanism which naturally makes them better than LCDs. LG is anticipated to launch 10 TV models at the CES next year, so that is the point at which we will know the full story about what QNED will mean for the TV market.


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