Bluemarlin partners with ITC in germ-protection products


Bluemarlin partners with ITC to establish an advanced range of germ protection under the brand name Salvon. Bluemarlin is a strategic brand design agency which is now partnered with the personal care products of ITC. ITC is a well-known company for its product diversification and quality products. Bluemarlin now aims to design and deliver branding solutions for ITC’s health and hygiene flagship brands Nimyle and Salvon.

Hygiene is a necessary factor in every individual’s life. The new partnership tries to pull out a scientifically advanced germ care protection. Bluemarlin works with ITC to establish a communication of expertise and effectiveness. They are working towards the acceleration of three new product offerings. NimWash vegetable and fruit wash, Savlon Hexa soap, and sanitizer range, and germ-protection wipes under the Savlon master brand are the three new introductions into the market.

This new partnership aims to develop a deeper connection with its customers and provide them a safe, reliable, and effective brand. The packaging design solutions for ITC was supported by the Bluemarlin agency. A product’s packaging has a major role in its appeal and impression. The brand’s packaging design made an advanced efficacy through its science-inspired brand mark by Bluemarlin. According to Ashwini Pable, consulting director, Bluemarlin, ITC wanted to establish a more scientifically advanced range under the Savlon portfolio. They focused on consumers who are looking for body products with more efficacious and specific germ-killing properties.

 The partnership’s main challenge is that, since they are into body products, the materials used in the product cannot be very harsh on the skin. They are in a need to take special care in design to cue enough moisturization, along with the desired efficacy. Another challenge the partnership faces is the entry of several new entrants seeing the advantages of the emerging sanitizing market. That too, particularly in this pandemic situation, sanitizing and hygiene sector is of more value and importance. The design must be of quality standards, simple message, and carry the values of a good brand. This becomes an important aspect of the design.

Pable also mentions that they have designed the packaging by taking into consideration factors like target audience, colors, and font that will attract more eyeballs. They also believe that demand will increase when the brand can connect with its customers. The packaging with the consideration of these factors bought a new identity to the product and also a rise in demand for the Salvon germ-protection products.


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