YouTube launches ‘Shorts’ video feature


Video hosting king YouTube has introduced the ‘Shorts’ option to the home screen of its mobile app in India. This trial is open to a select number of customers in India by using Android and iOS YouTube applications. As you’ll notice in this screenshot, shared by Digital Space, the new home screen connection gives Shorts recognizable space in the top bar of the app, making it simple to tap and see the current in a new Shorts feed.

“We’ll introduce a Shorts button to the top or bottom edge of the mobile app that makes it simpler for you to press and watch Shorts on YouTube. Many that are in the application can either choose the Shorts icon in the location of the Explore tab (with the Explore icon moving to the top row) and then see the Shorts icon in a position of the Cast icon in the top row (casting can also be performed in the player when viewing the video)”, is stated by YouTube.

YouTube says it will start testing this new approach with “a limited number of users in India through using YouTube app via Android and iOS

Shorts are now only available for small capacity, with YouTube concentrating specifically on the Indian market, where TikTok was outlawed back in June. At that point, TikTok was up to 200 million Indian subscribers, creating a wide market void that Instagram (via Reels) and YouTube also sought to fill. Ads will not be presented on Shorts and will not produce YouTube Premium subscription revenue. Shorts does not really apply to the eligibility of the YouTube Affiliate Scheme, but viewers who have benefited from viewing the Shorts also count against the qualifying threshold.

Social video app Reposo has also seen a spike of interest amid the ban on TikTok-though it will be fascinating to see if Google’s recent $145 million investment in Reposo’s holding company InMobi has affected Reposo’s development. Reposo actually provides 33 million concurrent monthly users, so if Google is already willing to control the judgment and growth of the video platform, Reposo could potentially be incorporated into YouTube Shorts.

Perspective itself would offer users a range of controls to build attractive Shorts. Further, then the option to select songs, users would be able to mix several video clips, monitor the duration of the clips, and then use the timer and monitor for hands-free filming. YouTube Shorts would further enable users to create 15-second clips that can be choreographed with music. The platform will highlight hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from, with more music assumed to be introduced in the coming years.


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