Jaquar Group’s new ‘Sensor & Sensibility’ campaign endorses a touch-free lifestyle


Introduces a new TVC to showcase hygiene, sustainability and functionality that is backed by sensory intelligence

India, August, 2020: In a post-pandemic world, the idea of touch has undergone a sea-change. Daily activities are now guided by the looming discretion of us avoiding touching surfaces or object unless absolutely necessary, and that too with the requisite precaution.  Identifying this as a concern that is here to stay, The Jaquar Group has introduced their latest campaign themed ‘Sensor and Sensibility’, aimed at encouraging  a contactless, sustainable, and more functional interface both bath and lighting solutions. Anchored on the smart usage and functionality of the bath-ware, sanitaryware and lighting solutions in a contactless manner both at homes and public places, the product range incorporates Jaquar’s proficient sensory intelligence technology and customization of existing products to eliminate the hand contact. 

The campaign launch is backed by a new TVC that introduces a three-fold resolution, enhancing the touch-free and safer hygiene experience – sensor, pressmatic and retrofit portfolio.  The products highlighted in the TVC include touch-free, energy-saving, motion sensor-based solutions in bathware, sanitary ware and lighting category addressing the needs of homes as well as high footfall and transmission-heavy commercial sites such – airports, hospitals, hotels/restaurants, and shopping malls.

Speaking on the TVC, Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group said, “With the ‘Sensor and Sensibility’ range we wanted to assure and offer a contactless and safe experience to our customers while keeping our core brand philosophies of sustainability and functionality at the heart of it. The pandemic-led scenario around the world, has led us to reconsider our lifestyles and our interface with surfaces both at home and public. . It has become necessary to ‘break the chain’ of infection and rehabilitate most facets of our lives including the places we visit and the surfaces we touch. The Jaquar Group’s quality-assured, technology-backed,  ‘touch-free’ products hope to aid is a seamless transition to a touch-free lifestyle for both public and private spaces.”

Sensor Range:

Under the ‘Sensor’ range for the washroom category Jaquar has introduced various products, including but not limited to the water and energy efficient Aquisense and Sensotronic Sensor Faucets, urinals, flushing systems, Speedflow Sensor Operated Hand Dryer and Automatic Soap Dispenser. As sensor-based smart lighting solutions Jaquar Lighting has offerings such as the Pride Smart, Strella Smart, Morphis Smart, and more. These products are using microwave sensors which perform well as opposed to PIR sensors that cannot do so against thin walls and glass partitions.

Sensibility Range:

Under the ‘Sensibility’ range are the retrofit and new-age pressmatic (elbow/foot operated) washroom ranges that offer a no-hand contact solution with products such as the Pillar Tap, Bib Tap, Foot operated valve with plug and more. They have an easily installable hydromechanical operation system with an automatic shut-off that helps conserve water. These can be conveniently installed in all range of taps for a smooth, germ and hands-free experience.

Jaquar Group’s sensor intelligence technology supports energy and cost effectiveness. It detects and responds to inputs such as light, heat, motion, moisture, and pressure from the physical environment. These are supported by electrical, opto-electrical, or electronic devices composed of special electronic material that help determine the desired function and are utilized as per requirement and/or application.

About the Jaquar Group:

Conceived in 1960 by Late Shri N. L. Mehra and headquarter in Manesar, Jaquar Group is a rapidly growing multi-diversified ‘Complete Bathroom and Lighting Solutions’ brand. Built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world-class products, the Group caters to various segments of bathroom and lighting industry for the value, premium and the luxury segments through its brands – Artize, Jaquar and ESSCO. The company has a presence in over 45 + countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia- Pacific, Africa and the SAARC region, 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India and 1 in South Korea.

Find out more about ‘Sensor & Sensibility’ by the Jaquar Group herehttps://www.jaquar.com/sensors/


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