Parachute Advansed launches festive ad film for Pongal


Parachute is the flagship brand of Marico. The government classified vegetable oils as an essential commodity before the 1992 economic liberalization of India. In 1990, Marico made its entry into the foreign markets by starting a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The parachute had become one of the well-known and trusted brands with a market share of 70%. The firm is also known for its code of conduct which makes sure that all the businesses run by Marico are done ethically. It has 8 factories located in different cities across India.  The value system that it created paved the way for operational standards and created a pleasant work environment. Parachute advansed is one of the hair oils manufactured by Marico which contains coconut oil, fragrance, and vitamin-e. The brand has positioned its products as one that stands for care, beauty, and nurturance and one which tries to fulfill the needs and wants of a wide range of customers through various offerings in the portfolio spanning hair care. Parachute and Parachute advansed are well-known products which contributed to about 23% of the company’s revenue.

The firm comes up with innovative campaigns and ad films to stay connected with customers. Parachute advansed which is known for their ad films recently launched a festive campaign for Pongal as the festival is not far. The brand encourages its customers to wear their hair in their style and give it a festival feel with flowers. The campaign featured women getting ready for the festival, embellishing their hair with flowers and accessories with a great groove on the track. It also showed how women embrace their hair irrespective of length and age. The ad showcased women of different age groups and different hairstyles which describe the relation between hair and women. It compared the volume of hair with joy in life and is also considered as not just strands but an identity. The ad film conveyed the message ‘Wear it like a Tamizh girl or wear it like how Paati told you. Wear it like Thalaivar or wear it like Anushka,’  urging individuals to look good and feel best during festivals.  


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