Sony BBC Earth makes people ‘feel alive’ with innovative marketing campaigns


Sony BBC Earth is a television channel that is owned by BBC Studios and Sony. This channel broadcasts its programs in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador of this channel. Sony BBC Earth is one of the most loved entertainment channels which is known for its storytelling and providing family experiences.

The pandemic made many companies to shift the way they work and adapt to the situation. Sony BBC Earth also faced many challenges during the pandemic and was able to overcome the situation by their marketing strategies. The channel increased its customer base by launching marketing initiatives in various genres like laughing and tropical content. To overcome the challenges, the channel focused on changes in consumption trends and was able to re-strategize quickly. They launched a documentary on COVID-19 showing measures to follow and this was one of the first few channels to air a documentary about the virus.

The marketing initiatives taken by Sony BBC Earth were innovative for these initiatives they focused more on their digital presence to connect with a wide range of audiences irrespective of age. To start with, knowing the increase in demand for e-learning this year, the channel launched ‘Feel Alive Hours’ to bring online learning experience. In another initiative the channel tapped the social media behaviour and observed the increase in demand for photography and thus on World Photography Day, they launched a contest for a month and it was open for all irrespective of skills and equipment. This contest was successful and the website that hosted this contest attracted many individuals.

The channel after observing the increase in time spent by people on social media platforms, used this not only to promote their shows but also to stay connected with the audiences. The channel hosted live chats with celebrities to increase their reach on social media. At the end of the year, the channel launched a 360 brand campaign and they positioned their brand as a channel that provides a safe environment for partners. Despite the challenges, Sony BBC Earth gave priority to the needs of consumers and this was the reason behind the initiatives becoming successful.


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