Ford holds hand with the nation against the covid-19 spread


While the pandemic is growing up many challenges to the world-wide nations, the Ford motor company contributes their helping hand for patriotic duty. The company takes steps to launch a nationwide ad campaign through which they ask all Americans to fight against the covid-19 without fear. The campaign, “Finish Strong” spread awareness to the citizens on wearing masks and using safety equipment to battle against the disease rather than the guards of their country.

Through the ad campaign “Finish Strong”, the actor Bryan Cranston narrates about the stubborn Covid-19 moments such as the struggle of healthcare workers in treating the victims, the social distancing, all the Americans in masks, people wandering across the street with huge packages of toilet paper in their shopping baggage. The company reminds everyone of a time when all the activities were paralyzed and people did not get a haircut for a long time.

The commercial targets to appeal to the Americans to create in themselves a sense of patriotism and put an effort to make them understand what is right and what is wrong. Instead of spreading testimonies and preaching false messages or using fear as a motivator, they urge people to be strong and fight back with immense care and hope.

The campaign comforts and gives expectations to the people that they will soon be what they were before. At the end of the video, there is a shift in images to the pre covid-19 video of the unmasked peoples, once- common, noticeably socially close activities such as concerts, weddings, and football games with the fans in the stands.

 By spreading the message of let’s “Finish Strong”, Ford focuses on the cause-driven campaign that aims to raise awareness among the citizens. In this scenario, the way that they seek is to save the lives of the people, by alarming them to stay indoors during the holidays especially when the weather turns cold, and put a halt to the spread of covid-19. Along with the awareness campaigns, the efforts of Ford during the covid-19 pandemic involves the production of 20 million face Shields, 1.4 million surgical gowns, and many other safety types of equipment.


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