A shield to protect from COVID 19: Dettol’s new narrative


Dettol is a famous brand that manufacturing disinfectant and antiseptic products. The company was introduced in the year of 1932 and the company owned by a British-Dutch company named Reckitt-Benckiser The Dettol was introduced for cleaning the cuts and wound in the earlier times to prevent the infection Now they have a vast variety of products like soap, hand wash, sanitizers, gels, shaving cream, and spray also 

The Dettol company was launched almost 80  years ago but still shining in the market. The Dettol have lots of competitors in the market but it is India’s one of the most trusted brand. Earlier times Dettol mainly used for cleaning the cuts and wounds but now the Dettol is also helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus also.

The COVID-19 virus makes a change in the people mindset that now they are using the sanitizers and Dettol because they won’t prevent the COVID-19 virus and stay healthier. The use of Dettol and other products is increased comparing before COVID. The new advertisement of Dettol shows that now also everyone confident in the brand that can prevent the germs and other viruses, Mainly the COVID-19 virus will transmit from any surfaces so the Dettol can prevent transmission of the virus by applying it on all premises. The old face of the company only has a disinfected and antiseptic solution but now the company changes its strategy that it can use against the COVID-19 virus also.

In the current market, there are a lot of brands available like Savlon, Lifebuoy, and even the Asian paints are also producing sanitizers, these brands are newly introduced but the Dettol brand believes that this will not affect the sales. The Indian customers are really satisfied with the product and they are confident it will prevent the viruses. The eighty golden years Dettol is spending in the market because of the highly satisfied customers. The tagline of the Dettol “be 100% sure “gives the customer feeling protected and the company ensured that Dettol can fight against the COVID-19 virus. Dettol is the most affordable brand and its very easy to use for the customers.


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