Godrej Hit’s Campaign Urges People Not to be Patient With Mosquitoes


Godrej’s insect repellent brand, Hit has rolled out a new television campaign for Kala Hit Lime. The film underlines the item’s viability in controlling and executing mosquitoes and how that stops the spread of sicknesses like dengue and jungle fever. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the TVC utilizes humor to feature this genuine concern and urge individuals to make a moment move against mosquito issues in their homes.

The TVC is set in a family, with a child whining to his grandma about mosquitoes gnawing at him. His grandma is viewing a minister on television and distractedly educates him concerning the acclaimed old Indian saying of ‘having tolerance prompts productive outcomes’. The evangelist wakes up and interferes with her, brings up that pausing, for this situation, could prompt dengue or intestinal sickness. The child’s mom at that point enters, enlightening the grandma concerning how the more drawn-out mosquitoes live, the more prominent the danger of illnesses. The lesson of the story is – when one spots mosquitoes, murder them quickly with Hit.

Chief executive officer of Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL), Sunil Kataria stated that Godrej Kala Hit has assembled customer importance by reliably driving the message, that even a solitary mosquito is risky as they spread destructive infections like dengue and intestinal sickness. The new TVC shows that it is so imperative to in a flash execute mosquitoes and not endure it as they represent a bigger danger of contamination and illnesses.

The executive director of Lowe Lintas, Shantanu Sapre stated that the assignment for them was to locate a remarkable and wise approach to land the ‘Moment Kill’ advantage and to make desperation among individuals to handle the mosquito danger. The gathering inventive chief team Navin Chawla and Vishal Bagade found the mission thought in the mainstream Indian saying ‘Sabar ka Phal Meetha Hota hai’. He added that their innovative thought difficulties and attacks it – in a basic yet funny manner handles the brand’s counter of not deferring the demonstration of slaughtering mosquitoes as ‘Sabar ka Phal could be Dengue or Malaria’.


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