Ludo King all set to launch ‘Quick Ludo’


The mobile game “Ludo King” from Gametion Technologies has been announced as India’s #1 gaming app, on both Android and iOS for the year 2020 and they are all set for the launch of “Quick Ludo” mode for faster interactions. Ludo King also released an online feature with five and six players.

Ludo King is India’s first gaming app to broadcast 100 million downloads. This reached another milestone on December 20, 2020. The app has recorded 500 million downloads worldwide, making it India’s most popular gaming app to enter the major leagues of mobile gaming. In 2020, this brand had grown by 400%, as around 70% of app users are in the 18 to 34 year age group.

“Ludo King” was rated as the first downloaded game on the Indian App Store in 2020 and scored a hat trick for becoming one of the most read games on the Google Play Store in 2018. Over the past nine months, “Ludo King” saw the number of daily active users (DAU) increased from 15 million to 32 million while monthly active users (MAU) increased from 110 million to 142 million.

With Quick Ludo, players can complete the game in less time than the classic mode. The classic game “Ludo King” lasts approx. 15-40 minutes, while the “Fast Ludo” mode lasts approximately five minutes. Can be played on the go, during short breaks, or at any time for fun and enjoyment. Quick Ludo offers a faster experience with more thrill and excitement. Quick Ludo was launched according to user reviews.

Ludo King is currently played in 30 countries and is available in 14 languages. The most preferred modes in this game are Play Online and Play With Friends. “Ludo King” grabs the user’s attention and interest with new features and themes for the game.

During the lockdown caused by COVID-19, 320 million people turned to Ludo King to spend time with their families and connect with friends and strangers around the world. The gaming giant introduced new features like voice chat and a mask mode added to the runway section.

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