Intex forays into blockchain and metaverse


Indian electronics company Intex has planned to create a blockchain-based supply chain. This step will help it in keeping track of its products in a better way. It will also help it in improving its customer relations.   

Blockchain will also help it in avoiding counterfeit products from the market.  

Intex is also planning to introduce a metaverse store soon. It will enable its users to experience its products in VR right from their homes. The store will also offer some new and exciting offers to the consumers who will buy a product in these stores. 

These technologies will help the company in reducing its expenditure on business. It will help in reducing investment in supply chain management. The store will especially help to display its 20 products to the users. It will help in taking feedback from the customers regarding the product and its quality.  

The Indian electronics company is keeping the future in mind while implementing these technologies. In the future, these technologies will play an important role.   

The company is betting on 5ire for this blockchain implementation. It will be counting on its expertise for the execution of this plan.   

Earlier this year, Samsung also launched its store in Decentraland in the metaverse. In 2018, it announced the implementation of blockchain in its system.  

Overall, the implementation of blockchain and other future technologies will help in making the customer experience better. These technologies will play an important role in exploiting the advantages of the innovations. The process will also help in evaluating the relevance of these technologies.  

Since the establishment of the company in 1996. It has been able to introduce different products to its customers. It was previously a computer peripheral manufacturer. But now it also offers smart devices like a smartwatch and LED TVs. This step toward the future by the company will help give confidence to other Indian companies. They will also feel motivated to pursue this new field.   

From a consumer’s point of view, this step is mainly beneficial for younger generations. The new generation that is more tech-savvy will be happier in dealing with such evolutions. They are the ones who are looking at VR as the future. They will be the real deciders for the success of this change in the consumer market. 

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