Noise launches smart eyewear


Noise has introduced a new device in the market. It is Noise 1i. It is smart eyewear which is a new category for the Noise brand. It is priced at 5999 rupees.   

It is similar to the product which Bose launched a few months back. On the feature front, it has Bluetooth 5.1 for connecting with other devices. It also has music playback functionality. It also offers a call option.  

The product from Bose is known as Bose Frames.  

On one complete charge, it can offer a playback time of 9 hours. On 15 minutes of charge, it can provide a playback time of 2 hours. It also has the option of interchangeable lenses. This feature will be helpful for those who want to use it daily for regular purposes.   

This product is the first from the innovation lab of noise, Noise Labs. It is fulfilling the aim of creating a strong product lineup of three to four products for the company.  

On the contrary, it is not the first product in the category. Before Noise, Snap also released its smart eyewear. It offers a camera option that you can use to upload snaps that you can see through the glasses.  

Ray-ban also launched its eyewear that offers the same features as the Snap product. It is known as Stories.   

All the products mentioned above come under the AR category. But none of the products offer a true AR experience. Apple and Meta are said to be working on true AR smart eyewear. But they are not available to the general consumers as they cost millions of dollars to manufacture.  

All these devices will push the smart device segment even more. At the same time, they will also offer more functionality to the users. They will have the simplicity to be a common usage product along with being a smart internet-connected device.  

These devices are a bit costly currently. But as more companies will launch such products, then their price will also decrease. The devices will make our lives a bit less complicated and will also decrease our dependency on smartphones for every single update. 

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