Intel is working for the commercial vehicle sector in India


Intel India is working on the semiconductor industry in our country. It is starting its work on the manufacturing and supply of semiconductors.

In an interview during the launch of semiconductors for commercial vehicles, Nivruti Rai, who is the country head for Intel India said that Intel is considering India as a business opportunity. It is also trying to make India a center for its work-related in this field.

In the current market scenario, the semiconductor market in India is in a developmental stage. It currently lacks the support structure for such an industry to run. At present, Intel is working on this aspect.

It is slowly working on the software and hardware part of the industry. Intel believes that there is a large market for the use of semiconductors in India in the commercial vehicle segment. It even has some clients already lined up to buy its product. Some other companies are also in the discussion phase with the company.

So, it is a very progressive market for Intel. The market needs some good infrastructure that can support the demand for such business-related products in the market. These semiconductors will help the commercial vehicle companies to achieve the target of manufacturing safe vehicles for the roads. It will also enable the business owners to track and keep a check on their vehicles during transport.

It is also creating a new market for skilled professionals who can create such software for the commercial vehicle market. Intel is also trying to make space for a new job sector for such skilled professionals. It believes that the software that will be created in India, can also be used worldwide.

If done correctly, then these steps can create some new job opportunities for the other companies in the market. It will also attract and enhance the quality of spares available in the market for such business. The growth will pave way for a more data-centric approach.

Companies, like Intel, will require more data to carry out their research work for such products. It will also promote the data centers required for such data collection and storage.

All of these steps will yield some fruitful results for India in the future.

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