Metaverse is here to impress us


Metaverse has been able to grab enough attention. Big internet players like Meta are investing in this technology. It has been able to initiate the excitement among the companies.

The companies are betting on it. They believe that the metaverse will be able to grab enough attention to stay relevant in the long term. The innovations are gaining interest from companies like Infosys.

This technology has also been able to get some negative feedback. The feedback has been from both companies and the general public. Some companies are waiting for this innovation to take off. They hope that in the future the technology gets more users.

There are various improvements which can be done in the technology as of today. There needs to be a vast amount of investment in this field. Meta even invested $10 billion in its metaverse called Horizon Worlds. There are also various other infrastructure requirements of the metaverse. These requirements will help in implementing various new aspects in the metaverse.

On the innovation front, people are even using it for marriages. In the pandemic, a couple used it for their wedding. The guests were enjoying the event in the metaverse. But the actual physical marriage was being celebrated in Bhopal. The event was organized by Wavemaker India for and ITC Ltd.

As a second example, Infosys helped in improving the shopping extravaganza of Tennis Australia. It was organized during the Australian Open and fans had a great time. The people were able to buy their favorite items at the shops in the metaverse. The items include towels, racquets, caps, and t-shirts. After purchase, they were able to take the items back to the real world with them.

Mahindra has also launched its metaverse TechMVerse. It is also planning to train around 1000 engineers for the metaverse-related developments.

Various improvements will take place in the future in the metaverse. Currently, it can still be considered in the development stage. The various improvements will also be implemented by several new Web3 and blockchain-related startups. Various new companies are also being started related to this new field for further development.

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