Microsoft is taking the help of its classic games for Teams


Microsoft Teams has been able to gain a lot of users during the pandemic. As people are demanding more features. It is being updated regularly with new features.   

It is improving in terms of experience and usability from time to time. With new features being added now and then. The service has improved a lot in many aspects.   

It is used by various organizations, both private and government, for various meeting purposes. It offers free as well as paid subscriptions for its users. But on a large-scale paid service is used mainly by corporates.   

In the latest speculations, Microsoft is trying to integrate its popular basic games into Teams. It is doing so to improve the user experience. It will help in making the Teams’ experience during meetings better.  

Games like Solitaire are very popular among Microsoft users, especially casual gamers. These games are being tested by Microsoft for integration. But the updates may not arrive for general customers and corporate users.  

There have been no comments from Microsoft regarding this feature. But for this feature, Microsoft is trying to introduce a common space for all the users in a meeting. It will allow co-workers to interact and enjoy some free time during a session.  

This plan is a part of Microsoft’s Metaverse plan in the long run. For this, it is planning to introduce virtual avatars for its users in 3D. This particular feature is likely to be made available for users in 2022.  

Microsoft, with some other big tech companies, is counting on Metaverse as a highly successful investment for the future. They are trying to turn around this opportunity of tech boom into a successful business opportunity. It will most likely help in creating a new market for the companies.   

Slowly, many other companies are trying to explore more options in the world of the Metaverse. They are looking for ways through which the idea of Metaverse will be able to incorporate more people into its ecosystem.   

On the other hand, a huge amount of investment from the companies to create a replica of the real world in the virtual world will take some time. This idea is still in a developmental stage and will require a lot of effort from developers, researchers, and scientists. 

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