Aspects of fatherly love are honoured by Fabelle Chocolates


For the discerning consumers to show their love and respect for their fathers on Father’s Day, ITC’s chocolate brand Fabelle has prepared a limited edition exquisite chocolate. The opulent, hand-made Fabelle Elements Reimagined chocolates have been meticulously created to please the father, the protagonist of one’s life. To honour the unrivalled love of a father, Fabelle Chocolates, known for providing distinctive chocolate experiences for every festive event, introduces a novel dimension of textures and flavours.

A creative recreation of nature can be found in the Fabelle Elements Reimagined chocolate line. The chocolates highlight characteristics of a father who is strong as a fire, nourishing as water, infinite as space, composed as air, and nurturing as earth in a box of handcrafted, beautiful chocolates, showcasing the many personalities of all fathers. The five elements of nature—Earth, Air, Fire, Space, and Water—serve as the inspiration for the Fabelle Elements Collection of pralines. It is a special melt-in-your-mouth sensation, crafted with a thick outer shell of chocolate and a scrumptious inside filled with flavours and unusual ingredients.

The ethereal aspects of nature serve as inspiration for the hand-crafted chocolate pralines. Following are the many Fabelle Elements Reimagined chocolates:

Earth – Dark Chocolate Pod filled with Dark Mousse depicts the softer interior of fathers, caring and nurturing like a father.

In the same way as Fire does, Fabelle generates the depth and intensity of a parent who knows us and gives us strength when times are hard. It has a dark chocolate shell that is filled with white mousse and covered in a sour candied mango and a hot ancho chilli.

The sweet and nourishing nature of a father who is protective of his children is hailed by the dark chocolate mousse oozing with Acacia nectar of the Water element.

A parent constantly maintains his composure in any circumstance, handling every issue with ease and simplicity like a light, aerated mousse that embraces dark chocolate like the Air element.

A father’s unending love for his child is comparable to the Space element’s gooey chocolate mousse wrapped around a dark chocolate bar. Throughout his life, he stands by his children’s sides constantly.

The Father’s Day chocolate collection from Fabelle Elements Reimagined is aesthetically pleasing and a unique Father’s Day gift idea.

The price of the Fabelle Limited Edition Chocolate Creations for Father’s Day is Rs. 575 for a box of five and Rs. 1050 for a box of ten.

Customers can place their orders by going to on the Fabelle website or by going into one of the Chocolate Boutiques in specific ITC Hotels, as listed below. Through ITC’s own D2C delivery platform,, customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and New Delhi may place orders and take advantage of doorstep delivery. Additionally, one can order Fabelle’s special edition products through Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBasket, or they can visit their local chocolate shop to make a purchase at –

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