548 Units of blood collected at a Mega Blood Donation Camp in Hyderabad

Mega Blood Donation Camp in Hyderabad
548 Units of blood collected at a Mega Blood Donation Camp in Hyderabad

Hon’ble MLA Nampally Mr. Jaffar Hussain Meraj participated in the camp organized at Haj House along with TSCS President, Chandrakant Agarwal and Aleem Baig, Joint Secretary, TSCS

Hyderabad, 25 September, 2023: Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) organized a mega blood donation camp at Hajj House Nampally in Hyderabad. The events witnessed a staggering collection of 548 units of life-saving blood. Distinguished guests and community leaders graced the occasion with their presence, showing their steadfast support for TSCS and its noble mission. Among the esteemed attendees were. Jaffar  Hussain Meraj, M.L.A. Nampally, Dr. Ahsan Al Hamoomi, Director and Imam of Shahi Masjid Public Garden, Mr. Mohsin Al Hamoomi, Focus, Irshadul Muslimeen President, Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Ali Sarwari, Journalism Professor at MANU, Tanzeem Irshad UI Muslimeen and Abu Almal, Azad Reporter.

The Mega Blood Donation Camp not only garnered an overwhelming response from the public but also brought together leaders from various walks of life, reinforcing the importance of collective action in addressing critical health issues.

Dr. Chandrakant Agarwal, President of the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS), expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated and contributed to the success of this initiative. He stated, “The massive turnout and support we’ve received today demonstrate the incredible compassion and solidarity of our community. Blood collected here represents a lifeline for individuals battling thalassemia and sickle cell diseases. Together, we are making a significant difference in their lives. We will continue to do these services, until the time we make Telangana, Thalassemia free”.

TSCS has organized two more blood donation camps  at Charminar and Pargi. TSCS extends its profound appreciation to all donors, volunteers, and sponsors and Government of Telangana for their invaluable contributions towards this vital cause. 


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