67% rise in Health & Fitness app installations during COVID-19 pandemic


During this COVID-19 Pandemic, people are mandated to keep a social distancing. This social distancing and lockdown make people get attached to their mobile phones and laptops. The things which are done directly are now handling through the internet. This shows that they are used to the current lockdown.

One best example for this is, Health and fitness apps saw a 67% increase in global installs in March and early April from a year formerly as the pandemic led mobile consumers to find ways to stay in shape while gyms were closed during lockdowns. 

The sudden jump in installs and subsequent rise in user sessions for health and fitness apps point out that many people worldwide shifted their exercise habits to online sessions as pandemic lockdowns led thousands of gyms to close. The main issue going forward for the fitness industry is whether those consumers will return back or not when gyms are open after this lockdown. Almost 83% of Americans said they’re willing to do virtual workouts amid the pandemic.

Almost all gyms and fitness centers are closed due to this pandemic, but many consumers maintained their fitness using different fitness apps and websites. Many sports brands are nowadays introducing fitness apps for their consumers, by charging a subscription fee. Also, Apple is providing greater incentives for its consumers to sign up for the virtual workouts by bundling them with other subscription services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc.

The jump in health and fitness installs cloned moves by companies like Nike, which in March dropped the subscription fee for its NTC Premium service that provides workout videos, training programs, and expert tips from trainers. The company was among the brands that started providing health and fitness content for free to reach more consumers. 

Women’s lifestyle site Popsugar had also announced it would release a workout app that is earlier than planned while also making its “Active by Popsugar” website free to use. The study found that Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and the U.K. had experienced high usage of fitness apps and Sunday is the peak day for the usage of health and fitness apps.


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