73% were Not Satisfied with Their Diwali Gift: Reveals Almonds AI Survey 

73% were Not Satisfied with Their Diwali Gift: Reveals Almonds AI Survey 
73% were Not Satisfied with Their Diwali Gift: Reveals Almonds AI Survey 

  • The survey was conducted across India & covered 800+ channel partners
  • Industries covered comprised of consumer goods, durables, auto, pharma & others
  • Most channel partners showed a preference for multi-branded gift cards


Delhi, Nov 21,2023: Almonds AI, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for channel loyalty and engagement, recently conducted an extensive survey of more than 800 channel partners across India after the conclusion of Diwali festivities this year. The objective was to gather insights into partner satisfaction with the rewards and gifts received from brands during the festive season.

The survey encapsulated responses from channel partners across FMCG (42%), FMCD (24%), Auto & Auto Ancillaries (16%), Pharma (12%), and Others (6%). This comprehensive representation allowed a nuanced understanding of partner preferences across various industry sectors.

Key Survey Findings: 

  1. 94% of channel partners received Diwali gifts/rewards from associated brands. Of these, 50% received physical products, 42% received bill credits, 6% received vouchers, and 2% received training
  1. However, satisfaction with rewards was low – only 12% said they were highly satisfied, while 73% expressed low to no satisfaction
  1. 48% cited receiving similar gift types from all brands as a top reason for dissatisfaction and 33% were unhappy with the lack of gift choices
  1. When asked if they were aware of gift cards, 94% said yes and 6% use them often or sometimes
  1. 67% preferred receiving multi-branded gift cards allowing reward redemption across many retailers

Mr. Abhinav Jain & Mr. Apurv Modi, Co-Founders, Almonds AI jointly said, “Our in-depth post-Diwali survey makes it evident that offering multi-branded gift card rewards represents a major opportunity for brands to delight channel partners during the festive season. They strongly prefer the flexibility of selecting their own rewards from a diverse catalog. These data points along with several other key initiatives that we have undertaken have given brands deep insights on how to ensure longer and deeper relations with their channel partners.”

As the curtains draw on the festive season, Almonds AI extends a warm invitation to brands to reimagine and redefine their approach to partner engagement. The survey has yielded a resounding message: multi-branded gift cards are not merely rewards; they emerge as the pivotal element in the creation of enduring and meaningful partnerships. Almonds AI aims to propel this awareness, positioning these versatile cards as more than just a seasonal gesture but as a year-round mechanism to strengthen alliances and foster mutually beneficial relationships.