Google Doodle celebrate 2021 New Year with cuckoo clock


Google created an animated Doodle to mark the final minutes of our old year and a follow-up Doodle to welcome the new year of 2021. At the center of the Google Doodle celebration take-place with a cuckoo clock. The quest giant featured an animated doodle with a ticking cuckoo clock ready for midnight and the end of the year. In, Google doodle the Cuckoo clock at the bottom of 2020, its animation in a manner which was representing the common wish and catastrophe of the year ended. Google wished around the world Happy New Year Day 2021 with an animated doodle.

 The Google doodle related to New Year Eve according to the Gregorian calendar. In many countries, they celebrate the event with evening parties, where many humans eat, drink, dance, and watch or mild fireworks. During New Year’s Eve, Google Doodle tried to convey in the New Year, Google has featured a ticking clock house waiting to strike the middle of the night on its homepage. To add a bit of glitter, the phrase ‘Google’ is decorated with a string of lights. The previous year 2020 had been a year of pandemic, followed by lockdowns in most of the countries, and which leads to the global economic slowdown. Last year, we celebrated not just a new year but a new decade, we never could predict just how tumultuous and life-changing 2020. People are actually excited to see what 2021 has to carry, and it signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the by-gone year and to welcome new opportunities and new hopes. A year that taught us how to continue how to be unity and survive in a crisis. A year that taught us existence lessons and to be adaptive. While most of us wanted to pass the last year and go forward to 2021, we must study from the 12 months of failures and now at the starting of the year with an optimistic mind.

We can have the quality of instances at home and enjoy with our loved ones. From the usage of animated animals for using famous on-line games, Google has finished it all in its past New Year doodles. Google has also launched a party popper symbol to mark the New Year in Quest. For New Year’s Eve, the search giant had designed its doodle with an old fashioned bird-house clock which says 2020 on it. The doodle also featured other letters of ‘Google’ colorfully decorated with fairy lights.


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