A Brand new Carbonated Obesity Campaign from Coca Cola


From “Open Happiness” in 2009 to “Life begins here” in 2011, a simple “Enjoy Coca Cola” in 2012, Coca Cola is taking its ad-campaigns to a new level altogether. Coke has come up with an ad-campaign for obesity.

The US Company has started going on air with its new ad-campaigning which runs for 2-minutes. The ad is featured in between the top rated shows in CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. The new ad signifies the brand quality and commitment of Coca-Cola over the years in producing low calorie drinks. It also shows that weight gain subsequently happens due to high calorie foods of any kind and not just because of Sodas.

The company kicked off the ad campaign to change the diet habits of the people at Soda fountains.New Yorkreportedly will become first-in-the –nation to place a capping on the size of carbonated drinks sold at movie theatres, sports centers, restaurants and other places.

While Coca Cola, the top beverage company is running an ad on Obesity, Pepsi Co. has signed singer Beyonce as its brand ambassador. Coca Cola says the obesity campaign is not a reaction to any negative public sentiment and that the company is serious about addressing the “issues of the age”.

An ad campaign must include all the essentials of entertainment and appear catchy and not preachy. This is specially noted by Coca Cola in its ads. Coke is also planning to run another ad later this week. This ad is going to be short and simple for just 30 seconds telling people how to burn “140 happy calories”. It can be a simple task of taking a dog for a walk, laughing with friends or dancing, or a Ganganam style dance after bowling a strike. There you burn the “140 happy calories”. The ad will be aired during “American Idol”, and before Super Bowl Football championship. The new ad focuses on removing the confusion of people about the number of calories in Sodas. People had earlier thought that there are about 900 calories in a can. With this approach hope Coke will be able to change the diet habits of the people at large.


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