Search Marketing-Trends in 2013


Gone are the ages when marketing wholly depended upon advertisements, the new trend now is search marketing. Search Marketing is the popular way of online marketing. SEO experts strongly believe in strengthening their content development practices and are their top priority this year. A survey conducted by Eco consultancy reveals the fact that almost 90 per cent of the CMOs believed that content writing contributes the biggest part to online marketing. Also 73 per cent believe that businesses are becoming content publishers. When it comes to link building many believe it is an outdated SEO practice. They also believe link earning is the best method of earnings today.

One should learn it from Google on how the internet marketing and internet itself is developing. Google sees and accepts changes without considering it as hurdles. There is a big shift in the Google search engine content results from 2012. The search engine is now pooled with information. Google is advising marketers to broaden their marketing arena and adopt a different marketing approach. It is only variety that is going to make a big difference in 2013. This year is expecting new trends and there is no chance for the second rate SEO developers. It is important to change the old marketing practices and start banking in new techniques this year.

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