A modern way to get recruited as a software developer is to enter a coding contest


Days are gone when a career as a software engineer was exclusively based on academic performance. Employers nowadays seek to recruit employees who have excellent coding abilities. A rise in the number of hiring managers who prefer coding interview tools over other methods is an encouraging trend.

Pair-programming tools, which allow the interviewer and interviewee to work together on a piece of code, have mostly supplanted the traditional whiteboard interview. Hiring managers can examine candidates’ abilities and competency while also comparing them to other programmers from across the world through coding competitions or contests.

Companies are always on the lookout for competent programmers to join their development teams. More significantly, because problem-solving with Data Structures and Algorithms is now a major focus in the coding rounds, technical interviews may be scary if you don’t know who you’re up against or where you stand.

Although the candidates for the role can code, they require a platform to compare their coding abilities to determine their coding credibility. As a result, coding platforms are required to assist applicants with the traits that aid them in being employed by IT firms.

Three businesses are listed below that use coding contests to aid corporations and hopefuls in the recruiting process:

  • CodeChef: CodeChef is a forum for programmers who want to make a name for themselves in the fields of algorithms, computer programming, and programming competitions. CodeChef’s staff works hard to rekindle the geek in students by sponsoring some programming competitions.

On CodeChef, you may discover training sessions and conversations about algorithms, binary search, and details like array size, among other things. While CodeChef remains a hotspot for programming contests, it also offers a variety of algorithm lessons and forum discussions to assist individuals who are new to the field.

  • Newton School: The Grand Coding Contest by Newton School is a terrific chance for novices and working pros. They offer the searchers a one-of-a-kind Avengers-style Coding Contest in which they may compete against India’s whole coding community. The competitors will also have the opportunity to investigate career options while developing their coding abilities, and they will have the chance to win cash rewards.

This coding challenge has grown to become India’s largest of its type, with over 15k participants and over 1 lakh entries.

  • The International Collegiate Programming Contest: The ICPC, or International Collegiate Programming Contest, is an annual multi-tiered competitive programming competition available to colleges all around the world. The competition is a showcase for new software program development creativity, collaboration, and innovation. It also puts participants’ ability to operate under pressure to the test by presenting them with real-time problems to solve.

Coders must be skilled in both software development and competitive programming to earn attractive Software Engineer jobs. Competitive coding reps may also be used to ace whiteboard interviews for software engineering positions.

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