A Moving Tribute video by Navneet Education Limited Honors Teachers on Teacher’s Day


~ Part of their ‘Tr. For Teacher’ Campaign, the brand aims to highlight the importance of giving recognition to teachers every day ~

Mumbai, September 5, 2023: In a heartfelt tribute to educators worldwide, Navneet Education Limited (NEL), a distinguished name in the field of education, has launched a digital video as part of their ‘Tr. for Teacher’ initiative on the occasion of Teacher’s Day 2023. This digital initiative seeks to recognize and celebrate the unwavering dedication and profound impact of teachers in today’s society.

The ‘Tr. for Teacher’ campaign, encapsulated in a digital video, underscores the vital role of teachers while shedding light on the challenges faced by the teaching profession. It poignantly highlights the looming crisis of an alarming number of vacancies in the profession. With more than 11 lakh teaching positions lying vacant in India, the campaign underscores the pressing need to address this issue urgently. (UNESCO 2021 State of the Education Report for India: No Teacher, No Class)

The video further emphasizes that teachers are the pillars of discipline, moral values, and character-building in society. It passionately underscores that every other profession owes its existence to teachers. Without teachers, there would be no pilots, doctors, scientists, presidents, or any other profession.

The Turning Point: The ‘Tr. for Teacher’ video pivots to a hopeful message, urging society to recognize teachers not just on Teacher’s Day but every single day. It features students giving their teachers a ‘Tr. for Teacher’ kit, which includes a visiting card and a nameplate adorned with ‘Tr.’ before every teacher’s name.

The video culminates with a compelling message: “Now more than ever, teachers need the honour and recognition they truly deserve. Let’s start by giving them the title of ‘Tr.’.”

Devish Gala, Head of Branding at NEL, commented, “At Navneet, we believe that teachers are the guiding force shaping our future. They deserve recognition and honour not just on Teacher’s Day but throughout the year. The ‘Tr. for Teacher’ campaign is a humble tribute to the dedicated educators who lay the foundation for all professions. It is a reminder that we must collectively work towards giving teachers the recognition they genuinely deserve.”

Shishir Kapre, Executive Creative Director, FCB Interface, says, “Last year we started with the ‘Tr. For Teacher’ initiative and we received great response for it. So, this year we thought that we should take it to the next level. We tried to throw some light on some facts about teachers; mainly how they are leaving this profession day by day due to a lack of respect and infrastructure. Hence, we came up with the idea of giving a title to the teachers – ‘Tr.’, which will certainly boost their morale and get them the respect they truly deserve.”

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJF-GJD6NL8