A Multifaceted Digital Culinary Community; Discover New Chefs, Pre Order Curated Menus and More with Eezaroo


New Delhi, 15th June 2021: Eezaroo is an exquisite digital culinary community bringing forth flavours and traditions from kitchens close by. Taking patrons on an authentic and palatable journey, the community revives traditional craftsmanship of cooking ingredients and techniques.

The platform allows customers to pre-order specially curated food options and menus; making up for the number of options available with its impeccable quality, as well as exclusive precise menus from restaurants. For Chefs, this entails a systematic screening process: from shoots to delivery – marketing, customer care, order placement, order handling, payouts and logistics. 

Supporting local businesses whilst giving a platform to remarkable chefs, Eezaroo will slowly unravel the stories of culinary connoisseurs through their platforms, paving the way for them to stand out. Charging a minimum commission, the platform gives exponential growth opportunities to outlets- paving the way for them to flourish. Each chef brings their story to the table-a story translated through a tradition that has been passed down from generations, a story narrated through an unconventional approach to food and a story yet to be discovered. Some brands onboard include Slow BBQ by Mosim, Village Degh by Osama Jalali, Caara, Bordough Cookies and more. 

Shedding light on the inspiration behind the platform, Founders Aman Kumar and Arjun Jain said “When the first pandemic hit a lot of uncertainty was caused and a lot of people lost their jobs. The concept of “work from home” became the solution for everyone to sustain themselves. The F&B dining experience was affected majorly and we noticed a shift in this space. A lot of chefs, cooks and people started creating brands selling unique products from their homes. We noticed there were many brands with the same story and the same problem was their brand was “limited” to colonies and their small circle of friends. We wanted to create a platform that helped them gain accessibility, recognition and create a seamless ordering and delivery system. Our aim is to create a business model promoting local business”

In light of the crisis our capital is stuck with, Eezaroo has come together with the aim to help those in need get access to healthy, soulful, immunity-building food to help them with the healing process. The brand started a covid relief section putting together home kitchens and brands that are providing food / weekly meals. The scheduling feature ensures seamless and systematic delivery to patients and caretakers alike. All sanitisation measures are catered to and riders undergo temperature checks before delivery. The initiative is a 0 % commission model, wherein meals are distributed to underprivileged families, covid patients staying at home, covid patients in hospitals, and meals for doctors.

Eezaroo has carried out food distribution drives – distributing food to the homeless & needy in association with Bajaj Foundation X Khoya Official and through their own initiatives of tying up with humanitarians willing to prepare and distribute meals.  The brand believes in the power of unity and positivity in times of crisis. 

Eezaroo stems from the words “Delivery, Easy & You”. The two mascots represent the varied food personalities people possess. Eeza: An experimental chef who is always up for trying adventurous and exotic ingredients. Not afraid to take risks and loves to break the rules. Often known to leave the kitchen in a mess but will guarantee a delicious meal. Roo: The silent yet talented chef who likes to follow the old school step-by-step recipe to ensure the family tradition carries on. Loves to celebrate the heritage and treats recipes like the family heirloom. Occasionally likes to sneak in a version of a fusion dessert.

Eezaroo is for those who enjoy curated specialty food. The preorder section and flexibility of the same allows consumers to schedule meals as per their requirements, making occasions such as  “Sunday brunch” at home more seamless and personalized. It is operational 7 days of the week from 11 am to 11 pm. 

Eezaroo as a brand is targeting an expansion plan pan-India. In the future, it aims to encourage and celebrate the growth of heritage cuisines, revive the traditional authentic kitchens, giving a platform for people to establish homegrown businesses. 


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