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AWS provides services to run scalable applications that help to achieve better business outcomes, AWS cloud applications can help to move faster. It operates more securely and saves substantial costs.

Consumer identifiers and data privacy laws disrupted decades-old technology for advertising and marketing, with companies reinventing how they activate customer data in compliance with privacy laws.

To accelerate marketing transformation in this era, AWS enables customers to reinvent data and advertising platforms with unmatched compute, and analytics capabilities with the largest community on the most widely adopted cloud. 

With AWS, industry customers easily identify the cloud technology to innovate faster for advertising and marketing technology. Workloads running at millisecond latency. Innovate faster.

Advertising and marketing technology companies can innovate faster using the capabilities for computing, analytics, and machine learning to reinvent first-party data platforms, data sharing, advertising science, and the customer experience in the post-identifier era.

 The fastest processors in the cloud, the largest global network footprint, and the unmatched breadth of AWS infrastructure capabilities create more opportunities to optimize costs on scaled advertising and marketing technology workloads than anywhere else.

Tens of thousands of data running on Amazon S3 today, the leadership position of AWS enables advertising and marketing technology companies to more easily collaborate and activate measures.

 Enables more revenue-driving partner opportunities including integrations and distribution channels via AWS Partner Network, AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, and Amazon Advertising.

Segments use to collect and unify data about their users and create personalized recommendations in partnership with Amazon Personalize.  Most customers perform personalization with machine learning but don’t have enough training data to build the prediction models.

It’s a beautiful synergy that was spun up Segment from the beginning and collects these data. Use data to power recommendations without building an Amazon machine learning pipeline, using Amazon Personalize. During these sustained school closings, most customers reached out for help moving more learning and working online.

Scale-up on-premises applications by migrating them to the cloud, please contact your AWS Account Manager. If this is during business hours, use the click-to-chat service on this page.

Virtualize your computer lab to support online distance learning, Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application.  Manage applications on Amazon AppStream 2.0, securely deliver them to any computer using a web browser.

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