Aadhar Housing Finance Unveils their latest digital video campaign that gives hope to the housing dreams of diverse individuals with their low-income home financing solutions

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Aadhar Housing Finance Unveils their latest digital video campaign that gives hope to the housing dreams of diverse individuals with their low-income home financing solutions

Digital Video Commercials reach out to the lower-income group for easy home loans

Mumbai, September 27, 2023: Aadhar Housing Finance, a leading name in the low-income housing finance sector with an AUM of over 18,000 crore, has launched an ambitious campaign aimed at ensuring that housing loans are accessible to every segment of society, including those who have been historically underserved. The comprehensive campaign encompasses a series of digital commercial films designed to reinforce Aadhar Housing Finance’s commitment to offering housing loans to individuals in the lower-income segment.

The campaign features three Digital Video Commercials (DVCs) that portray in a lighter vein stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including a nurse, a florist, and a carpenter. These hardworking individuals have faced challenges in their pursuit of homeownership as they have been repeatedly turned down for housing loans by other lenders. The DVCs highlight the vital contributions made by these individuals to our nation’s well-being, whether through their service in the healthcare sector or their contributions as entrepreneurs. Despite their valuable roles in society, they have been denied the opportunity to secure housing loans. Aadhar Housing Finance steps in as a beacon of hope, offering housing loans to all, regardless of their profession, income level, or location. The campaign, which are exclusively presented as digital videos, seeks to address the critical issue of under-penetration in the affordable housing finance industry. 

“Aadhar Housing Finance aims to extend its services to every citizen of the nation, thereby enabling them to realize their dream of owning a home. We do not make any distinctions based on a person’s pay grade or standard of living before providing loans to any citizen”, said Mr. Rishi Anand, MD & CEO, Aadhar Housing Finance.

“There is a very large percentage of individuals in our nation who do not own a house of their own. Our campaign serves as an invitation for action, encouraging individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, geography, or profession, to be confident that their dream of homeownership is our dream too. “, he added.

The campaign videos have been ideated, conceptualised, and executed by Imprint Film the creative video agency that offers cutting edge visual content for the evolving digital space.

“In contrast to how most people feel sympathetic toward those who cannot afford a home, our campaign highlights those individuals who need to be treated equally and helped with their housing needs without making people feel sorry for them. They may have their struggles, but they are a proud lot. They have experienced difficulties when trying to avail a home loan, but our campaign focuses on how to resolve this without making it appear to be a burden. The campaign dispels other myths about homeownership as well.”, said, Mr. Raj Konar, Creative Director & Founder of Imprint Film.

Links to the campaign videos: 

The campaign’s digital videos are accessible on the official handles of Aadhar Housing Finance on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & X). The campaign will also be promoted digitally through regional news, social media, Google ads and other regional reach apps.


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