#AbSabKuchMaxX, Re-branding of JK White Cement


The re-branding of JK White Cement to JK Cement WhiteMaxX was augmented with a digital campaign.

JK Cement, one of the leading cement manufacturers in the market has recently announced a brand refreshing, for the JK White Cement in its all improved avatar as JK Cement WhiteMaxX. JK White Cement, a division of JK Cement Ltd., holds a PAN India presence and the Company is one of the leading producers of Wall Putty in the Country.

The re-branding of JK Cement WhiteMaxX was strengthened with a digital campaign, #AbSabKuchMaxX, which involved peculiar social media content around ‘MaxX’ and contests or competitions to increase the viewer engagement.

According to the brand, that is JK company wants to keep pace with the changing market dynamics and customer expectations. Henceforth the company has made a fresh, modern, and present-day dimension to JK White Cement while joining an important section of its product line supporting the ‘MaxX’ umbrella. The integration thereby brought uniformity in the brand architecture. The company has again extended and strengthened its commitment with its customers and stakeholders, to deliver the maximum in terms of maximum whiteness, maximum customer delight, and maximum strength.

Niranjan Mishra, the business head, white cement business, said, “JK White Cement without any doubts has emerged as one of India’s most iconic or rather an ideal and trusted Brands, as it focuses much on the product excellence, customer orientation, customer direction, and technology leadership, endorsed by continuous and sustained brand-building efforts. With it being bestowed the popular title of Superbrand in 2019, it was high time that the World could see JK White Cement in a new avatar. As JK cement is the preferred choice of customers for over 3 decades, the company’s re-branding is also strongly rooted in our aim and will to build an even more strong consumer connection.”

The company has always worked towards building a very close and strong connection with the customers and stakeholders and therefore, all the plans would be directed towards achieving better customer connections. This re-branding step aims to breathe a new life into the company’s iconic product and thereby making it relevant to the continuously evolving consumer.


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