Accountants Embrace Virtual Reality as a New Platform


Due to the effect of COVID-19 new methods of adoptions in the working environment are happening in every sector. Most of them are moving towards online platforms and it seems like a better experience to the employers also. The introduction of virtual reality is an emerging trend now.  Virtual Reality implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world with the help of technology we can easily handle the virtual operations to get the best possible output.

  An accountant is a certified financial professional who handles functions such as audits or financial statement analysis. They can either work with an accounting firm or with a large company with an internal accounting department or it is also possible to start up an individual practice. Virtual reality enhances the accounting practices and experiences in the most realistic manner. In addition to that, there is augmented reality too, it can be considered as the modification of a real-life environment with the addition of sound, visual elements, or other sensory stimuli.

The increase in demand for both augmented and virtual reality shows the wide acceptance of these technologies. These are more popularized during the lockdown periods. In the case of business firms, they choose virtual reality platforms for training, meetings and, customer services. All these areas apply to the accountants. If a young accountant is hired in a large firm, he needs some training to perform the job, which is necessary to build a new career in the area of accounts. Creating an experience as close to in-person as possible could mitigate much of the anxiety and shortfalls of conducting such programs.

Most of the meetings are now becoming online using various platforms but there may be some gaps that we feel but virtual reality can bridge the gap as much as possible right now. Zoom is the most popular video conferencing solution right now but still; it has some issues regarding the security of the users. The positioning of the pranksters has been able to simply try the random strings of letters to enter a zoom call and disrupt it. In the case of accountants, this is very disruptive, they are already trying to get the work done in new and unfamiliar circumstances. sometimes it becomes notable that video conferencing is more stress-full due to the poor clarity of video and audio that virtual reality can alleviate some of these issues.

 Today there are already some virtual reality platforms available for the accounting and financial professionals and it can be expensive, also headsets are required to participate in VR. With the widespread cases of COVID-19, it is a more convenient way to make decisions using a VR platform.


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