ACKO’s rewarding partnership with EPL on Disney+Hotstar


ACKO scored high visibility and engagement with its target audience by utilising the power of the English Premier League, which gives access to a higher premium audience.

ACKO General Insurance has won the hearts of the millennials and generation Z with its innovative insurance products for cars and bikes. These products can be bought directly from the company through their app. It provides insurance directly to the consumer.

Its hyper-personalization, extremely low premium, and requires zero paperwork product portfolio has managed to outshine many others. The company has become one of the leading digital insurers in the country In less than five years. ACKO has succeeded in understanding and meeting consumer perceptions better than the competitors.

The English Premier League, one of the most loved football leagues in the world. EPL helped in connecting to a premium and engaged audience. ACKO sponsored EPL on Disney+ Hotstar, this helped to reach out to its target audience in a sustained manner.

The thrilling football action spread over nine months fits perfectly with the brand’s effort to have constant engagement with its target audience with a good mix of viewers across age groups-in Gen Z as well as millennials, both men and women.

ACKO offered an alternative model of insurance distribution, to sell products differently and connect with its consumers and prospects. The EPL helped ACKO target these prospects impactfully.

The voice-over sponsorship during the live tournament helped ACKO drive associative value, with team selection and to amplify its presence during selected matches. The tournament attracts a highly engaged audience, ACKO leveraged squeeze-ups for moment marketing.

Curated brand messages during the games helped the brand to drive high resonance with its key messages in its target audience.

ACKO took its visibility to the next level in the non-live segments of the tournament. ACKO maximized its visibility among incremental (non-live) viewers and extremely passionate fans which represent a premium, niche audience segment through Video on Demand segments like Saves of the week, Highlights and Goals of the week.

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football tournaments in India. Manchester United, Chelsea, or Liverpool have a great following in India. Its fans are urban, tech-savvy, and follow the latest trends.

The match commentary in Bangla and Malayalam will further increase the fandom of the English Premier League in India and will help ACKO to create awareness about the brand in the desired target audience but also drive high brand recall.

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