AI-driven digital campaign for The Big Picture


Colors and have collaborated for the launch campaign of The Big Picture, a visual-based quiz show. will use artificial intelligence for video personalization to promote the show hosted by Ranveer Singh.  uses Artificial Intelligence for video personalization for synthetic media production platforms. A cloned avatar of actor Ranveer Singh is created and used to send out personalized video invites to all users who sign up on the microsite.

The video invites had Ranveer Singh taking the name of the user, inviting them to watch the show as well as calling out the date of the launch. In another first, Rephrase AI created the most personalized videos in 2-3 days.

COLORS will premiere The Big Picture, one of its kind and the first interactive visual-based quiz show, based on knowledge and visual memory in India. The contestants will answer 12 visual based questions and get a chance to win the jackpot worth 5 crores.

Once the game begins, the contestants will get multiple-choice options to give the correct answer. They have to hit the buzzer in 60 seconds and answer. For every correct answer, they will get an opportunity to win big. 

The show marks Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh debut as host. COLORS through this initiative aimed to establish direct communication with viewers, by utilizing the power of hyper-personalized communication at scale. is a proven partner as it has provided for brands like Amazon, PWC, Mondelez in the past. Automated and scalable video solutions to enhance business functions, especially sales and marketing has become the need of time.

Synthetic media minimizes much of the productions and cost-related obstacles and addresses a more significant social trend people prefer to watch content rather than read it. 

In the long run, envisages enabling brands to create high-quality professional videos without the exorbitant time and financial investments that are otherwise involved in traditional production processes.

COLORS have always believed in bringing innovative shows and a variety of formats for the viewers. Audience engagement through inventive campaigns using new-age technologies. 

The Big Picture is the first-ever visual-based quiz show that will launch in India. It required some cutting-edge thinking to bind its marketing campaign. The Big Picture will prove an exciting experience for consumers and a rewarding one for the brand. 

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