Sebamed’s scientifically superior shampoo with pH 5.5


Sebamed is a German name for Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG. Sebamed is a personal care brand and specializes in medicinal skincare products. Dr Heinz Maurer established it in 1957 with the vision of providing soap-free cleansing products. 

Sebamed has launched an intriguing campaign #NoConditionsApply for its hair care portfolio. The campaign focuses on educating and empowering consumers about Sebamed. 

The campaign highlights and draws attention towards misleading advertising by various hair care brands and urges consumers to switch to superior and scientific, Sebamed Anti Hair loss shampoo with pH 5.5 benefits.

The campaign is a satire upon the hypocrisy and double standards of the haircare brands. The commercial features a courtroom where the personified ‘Conditions Apply’ is charged and facing trial. 

The Judge asks ‘Conditions apply’ and he pleads not guilty of all the charges and blames hair care brands for spreading misformation and hiding the truth.

Sebamed was established with the motto to provide scientific solutions to skincare problems with honesty. The commercial resonates with its dictum that no product, be it shampoo or soap can regrow lost hair. 

The most a good product can do is stop further hair loss. Sebamed shampoo with the benefits of pH 5.5 is proven to do so.

For the last fifty years, Sebamed has continuously dedicated itself to the cause of good and scientific skincare products with honesty. It has initiated many thought-provoking efforts in the skin, hair and baby care segment with campaigns such as  #SirfScienceKiSuno, #PrathamSnanSe and #FilmstarsKiNahiSciencekiSuno.

These campaigns educated and persuaded consumers to ask unasked questions by creating a culture of enquiry.

Hair loss has become the most prominent and alarming concern for both genders. Not only Old and adults but youngsters and teens are also suffering from the hair loss problem. 

To address the issue Sebamed regularly conducts consumer studies to understand hair concerns and formulate efficient solutions with pH5.5 benefits. 

#NoConditionsApply campaign addresses the need to educate and warn consumers about the misleading truth behind anti-hair loss product claims. 

Sebamed is confident that its honest and distinct awareness around hair loss will resonate with the audience and will persuade them to try the scientific Sebamed shampoo with the benefits of pH 5.5 said, Shashi Ranjan, Head- Consumer Business.

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