Money Heist stickers by HT, Netflix & Wavemaker


Hindustan Times in an innovative collaboration with Netflix and Wavemaker created a newspaper ad as a collectable. This initiative overwhelmed fans of ‘Money Heist’, residing in Mumbai and Delhi. 

The fans got surprised as they found their favourite characters from the show delivered as collectibles with their morning news.

The Money Heist characters can be cut out from the 4th December’s edition of HT newspapers in Delhi and Mumbai. The fans can pull the sticker out and keep it as collectibles or memoirs. The initiative brought people’s favourite Money Heist characters to their homes.

Print media is a medium that has always been experiential and vocal. Print media enables consumers to learn credible news every day. They not only read credible news every morning but also interact with impactful and relevant advertising. 

Collectables innovated for Money Heist fans to enjoy will create a long-lasting impression of joy and togetherness for the newspaper said, Rajan Bhalla, Group Chief Commercial Officer, HT Media.

HT Media partnered with Netflix and Wavemaker to leverage the massive fandom of Money Heist. The last season of Money Heist was nothing less than a global phenomenon like Money Heist. This innovative partnership was aimed at bringing the most cherished characters of Money Heist to live in their homes. 

The creative team involved in the campaign did a wonderful job for the fans. Money heist fans loved the creative stickers. These stickers are memoirs for them and a reminder that HT Media is committed to informing and delighting the readers every day while eventuating the visions of creative partners said, Rajeev Beotra, Executive Director, HT Media.

Every Money Heist fan wants a piece of this show. Millions follow the Money Heist cult and they want to collect everything associated with it. This initiative made a newspaper transformed into a souvenir for them.

Hindustan Times pushed the envelope and reinvented their printing process to bring alive such a unique delivery of memories attached to this show. This partnership with Hindustan Times brought smiles to many faces and this was the perfect way to say ‘Bella Ciao’ said, Shekhar Banerjee, Chief client Officer and Office Head, West, Wavemaker.

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