HT’S new campaign praises mother’s sacrifices


Hindustan Times has come up with a heartfelt message, which alludes us to an above thought through a short film, a film on Mother’s Day. This film makes us aware of the unsung contribution of mothers, and also led to unimaginable sacrifices. They are still standing tall in the front and taking responsibility.

Even though, they have inconceivable stress of leaving their children in this unprecedented crisis. We could see those mothers working as doctors, nurses, administrators, journalists, and also members of law enforcement. They even undertake the position of volunteers, to supply oxygen and medicines to helpless needy ones.

Aparna Bhawal, Vice President, Marketing at Hindustan Times said, ‘’While a mother strength is something that strengthens families together and keep the bond strong. Mothers are the pillars of a happy family. Their sacrifices during this pandemic are uncountable and unexplainable. We have seen stories of mothers staying away from their kids for weeks and even months. This Mother’s Day is for them, to celebrate their long-term efforts and patience.

Mothers risk their life for the children and beloved. They don’t bother about their wealth and happiness. They work non-stop to feed their family. Mothers bury their dreams and aspiration for the sake of children. They won’t complain about their obstacles and still love their children, no matter what they have done to mothers.

Being a mother is a god’s gift. Therefore, Mother should have a special place in everyone’s heart. Mothers have endured 9 months of labour pain to bring out their kids. The anguish, they have felt stays within them. They are ready to sacrifice anything for their family. They shun their feelings from everyone. No matter what happens, they will be always with a smile. They will have the solution for our every chaos, and their soothing will evade worries away.

#HT Salutes is a Hindustan time editorial initiative. This time Hindustan Times is celebrating the stories of front-line warriors, despite all the troubles, mothers are working hard to save the lives of many helpless people. Their sacrifice should be rewarded and appreciated. They are attempting to cheer everyone out with a wary eye.

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