Radio City introduces ‘Radio City Par Scam’ casting Pratik Gandhi


Radio City has currently introduced their latest campaign ‘Radio City Par Scam’ with Pratik Gandhi urges people to get themselves vaccinated on priority. Pratik Gandhi, who did recently brief about the character of Harshad Shantial Mehta in the most famous web series Scam 1992, had even changed their original dialogue from ‘risk Hai to Ishq hai ‘to ‘Vaccine hai to Ishq hai, nahi to risk hai’ to persuade people to not lose hope and to keep their perseverance. Through this way, they could have booked for the vaccination slot.

Radio City in Delhi is supporting the campaign, whereas Radio City Par Scam is casting actor Pratik Gandhi and also broadcasting the campaign thought of ‘Vaccine hai to Ishq hai, nahi to risk hai’ across it’s all its shows from Monday to Saturday. They even force people to get vaccinated. Radio City is now spreading this message through social media posts and stories on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Radio City has also always desired to spread pertinent social messages through their insightful campaigns and this could help them to start a conversation across social concerns and argument actions. Meanwhile, this pandemic and the resultant lockdown has affected many lives, especially their health and morale of people. They mainly focus to alleviate their spirits and also having a positive difference through the campaign and engagement.

Whereas, Pratik Gandhi, who has now become a household name with their recent web series. Perhaps, this vaccination has served them a solution to their worries and troubles. This could also allow us to throw away the spreading of the virus and this could return to normalcy. This campaign persuades them to influence people’s opinions and actions towards the vaccination drive.

Moreover, Pratik Gandhi has indicated that the people are the driving force and key constituent of the nation’s growth. Through this Radio City Par Scam campaign, they intend to participate in combating the covid 19 crisis which has created chaos and disturbed our lives. They have taken this opportunity to associate with Radio City for spreading awareness about the vaccination drive. They believe that this could reduce the positivity cases. Radio City focuses on educating people about vaccination and persuading us to get vaccinated soon.

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