CAMPAIGNS WE LIKE – K Raheja Corp’s “Little Big People”


There has been a slew of advertisements honoring heroes from businesses that have put their hearts on their sleeves and meant it. Another real acknowledgment to the unsung heroes working more, and selflessly, than any locked-in person could conceive is K Raheja Corp’s ‘Little Big Heroes’ initiative.

What we enjoy about this campaign is a combination of two things: the beautifully crafted, written, and well-performed song, and the well-shot images, which are finely cut on the track. The overall concept and execution presented a homage to those working on the frontlines in the middle of a pandemic that has wrecked everyone’s life and has transformed our perspectives of front-line personnel since 2020.

While the K Raheja advertisement expresses gratitude to front-line workers, it also considers the critical responsibilities played by the “Little Big People” such as drivers, security guards, milkmen, and housekeepers, asking, “Have we ever considered what would happen if they didn’t show up?”

As a result, this homage is a magnificent visual dedication to people who, against the odds, turn up every day. It comes from K Raheja Corp, a real estate giant that wants to recognize and praise amazing individuals for all they accomplish even their ‘Little Big’ efforts.

This film shows critical soldiers such as milkmen, security guards, domestic workers, police officers, physicians, public transit drivers, delivery executives, media crews, and municipal cleaners completing their jobs with dedication and a smile, day after day, against the odds. The campaign was conceptualized and executed by KRC’s in-house team.

“The disastrous increase of COVID-19 cases throughout the country has directly or indirectly touched every one of us,” says Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp.

“Through this homage, which was created by our Communications team, we wanted to recognize not just our frontline soldiers, but also the many vital support fighters who, although not wearing PPE kits, show up to work every day and write a new chapter of humanity,” Aradhya adds.

This is one of the K Raheja Corp group’s numerous company-wide solidarity activities. The engagement has been persistent, from extending help for Covid-19 assistance by sending oxygen concentrators to assisting several local authorities, municipal corporations, and non-profit groups in buying necessary medical supplies.

The company has also recently established a centralized Covid War Room that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a staff of staff dedicated to supporting those in need. They are also encouraging their employees to take Time Off for Volunteering to participate in community service.

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