Dettol has released their new anthem ‘Mil Ke Harayenge’


Dettol, the disinfectant major from Reckitt has now released their new anthem, where they could adhere to new COVID-19 measures. This can include washing hands, mask-wearing, maintaining social distancing, and getting vaccinated.

However, they had launched a 60-seconds long anthem and in that anthem, they had also featured all kids. This anthem ‘Mil Ke Harayenge’ is a wake-up call for everyone to fight and defeat the rising coronavirus together. They could only throw this virus away only by following the precautions.

This anthem intends to spread the message of positivity and hope during these unprecedented times. They mainly want to reflect and bestow positivity through their anthem, as it is performed mostly by children across the nation from their home itself.  They have also followed the safety protocols while recording this anthem.

Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director of South Asia of the Health And Nutrition department has stated that this Dettol has recently shown a massive change in the behaviour and which had a crucial role in our daily life,  as they could create a healthier and hygienic environment. Thereafter, the role of children in spreading the word on awareness and the importance of health and hygiene is very much appreciated. Whereas, they were the ones who were badly affected and had to face many dilemmas due to this virus. This campaign urges us to salute the future of the country and persuades us to spread hope, positivity, and protection.

Further, Ashish Chakravarthy, the Executive Director and Creative Head of McCann has indicated that this anthem bestows us the word of positivity and hope. They believe that by using children to spread the message of hope and positivity, their message could reach millions, as it is spoken by these little hearts. The children of the nation, future lies in them, hopes of tomorrow. They could make a good change to our nation through their sweet voices. They firmly could assure you that this campaign would become a great success and will be very beneficial for us. They wish that this message is heard by everyone in every home of India.

Hence, Dettol is mainly concentrating on the need for health, hygiene, and sanitation in India. Through this, Dettol Banega Swasth India could expect that it had impacted more than 20 million children across India.

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